World’s Most Expensive Coffee


Yes, Kopi Luwak is made from poop of the Luwaks! “Kopi” is the Indonesian word for coffee, and “Luwak” is what the Asian Palm Civet is called in Sumatra. In scientific term, they are called Paradoxurus Hermaphroditus. We source our Kopi Luwak from an arabica farm in Indonesia. Kopi Luwak coffee can be brewed like any other coffee, but the best practice is to mix into hot water with honey and letting the coffee ground sit on the bottom of the cup. Avoid using sugar, milk or cream in your Kopi Luwak, these ingredients removes its unique flavor.


It all starts as the Luwak consume the arabica seeds (beans) from the trees. The seeds then ferment in the Luwak’s stomach and this fermentation process sweetens the seeds. About 24 hours later the wild Luwak processes / poops the seeds. Our farmers search and collect the droppings. The seeds are washed, cleaned, pounded to remove the outer layer of the seed. Damaged beans are thrown out and the remaining gets roasted. Once roasted, they get lightly roasted again. Finally lightly roasted one last time and ground up.